The Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine:

As you can see from the video there are 5 elements that need to be developed in order to build the perpetual Internet traffic machine:

1. Central Hub
2. Content Syndication Network
3. Social Networks
4. Search Engine Visibility & Rankings
5. Sales Funnel Process

In the coming lessons we will focus on building these 5 elements. Your central hub is the area where you will publish new content. Your content is like the blood inside your body, it is the vital element that gives oxygen and life to all the organs (elements) of the entire structure.

Content syndication is like the heart inside your body which distributes your blood (content) to all the organs of your body. The stronger you build your heart (content syndication network) the stronger your entire body becomes.

Social networks and the search engines are like the veins that distribute the blood throughout the body (the Internet). Don't make this process any more complicated than it really is. This system may seem intricate and complex but all you really need to focus on building is your central hub and your content syndication network.

Once this machine is built then you essentially have two chores:

1. Creating good content for your central hub
2. Syndicating that content through your content syndication network

All the rest of the machine is built automatically when you focus on these two chores. That is the beauty of this system. Your traffic will grow and grow while you focus on your content and its syndication. This is The Syndication Revelation.

What is the purpose of syndicating good content?

No matter what business you are in you need a constant flow of targeted traffic entering your central hub (website) so that you can sell your products or services.

This system is perfect for anyone that needs traffic, leads or sales and your syndicated content is the driver that brings more and more people in to your hub.

This is perfect for anyone from real estate agents to network marketers to Internet based businesses of almost any sort. Targeted traffic is the key, content syndication is the driver and content is the attractor.

In the next lesson we will focus on building your central hub.

Keep your eye on your email inbox for lesson 2 coming soon...

LESSON 2: The Central Hub

Watch this video for an introduction to the Central Hub element of the Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine:

Get a Server (if you don't have one):

Don't be intimidated by the thought of hosting a blog on your own server, it's real easy. Today you can get a server that allows you to install with a single click. For your purposes all you will need is a basic Linux server at the lowest price point.

We recommend Hostgator. Ordering any of these packages will serve your purpose just fine. They also have excellent support to help you get your central hub up and running. As you can see, servers are extremely affordable. Consider the low server cost as rent for the business you are building here.

Register a Domain Name:

Now that you have hosted your blog, you need to register a domain name. We use Godaddy because of the speed in which newly purchased domains are propagated to our servers.

If you have not yet chosen a business to get yourself involved in then you will need to do some market research to discover a profitable market before settling on your domain name.

LESSON 3: The Sales Funnel

In the last lesson you learned all about the central hub element of the Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine. In this lesson you will learn how your sales funnel will tie into the equation. Watch this video to see where we have been, what we're doing now and where we go from here:

Build Your Sales Funnel:

It will do you no good to start getting traffic if you have not built the process through which people will buy from you. This is a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people start building something online without any idea of what they will sell or how they will sell it.

Go ahead and build your sales funnel process. There are many different types of sales funnel processes. Yours may be as simple as sending someone to the sales page of an affiliate program you are promoting or as intricate as a 30 part ARS (Auto-Responder Series). Whatever the case may be, go ahead and map out and build your sales funnel.

After you have mapped out your sales funnel, go ahead and develop the content for it. If you have planned an ARS series then go ahead and create that content now. Get everything in place and ready to go for when you start promotions.

How to set up an opt-in form:

If you choose to include an opt-in form on your central hub (as the entrance to your sales funnel) then you will need to set up an account with a service like Aweber. Aweber is an auto-responder service that allows you to create the opt-in form, embed it into your central hub and then collect the name and email address of your prospects. Check the site for more details.

Your ARS will work to move people toward making a purchase automatically while you continue to focus on publishing new content to your central hub and then syndicating that content to extend its visibility and reach on the Internet through content syndication (coming up soon).

Whatever you do, don't try to manage your email lists by yourself. Most of your email from your server will get blocked because your server has not been white listed. Without getting into too much technical detail, white listing is a complex process of getting major service providers (like AOL and Yahoo) to allow your email messages to get through to your prospects.

Most auto-responder services are very affordable and should be considered a cost of doing business on the Internet.

LESSON 4: Content Syndication

Now that you have built your central hub and your sales funnel process it is time to start the process of developing your content syndication network.

Content syndication is the secret element that most Internet marketers know absolutely nothing about. The reason is quite simple, content syndication is relatively new and is a by product of the explosion in participation in online social networks.

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is the act of extending the reach f your central hub content by distributing it to your content syndication network. In order to effectively syndicate your content you have to build your personal content syndication network.

As you can see, content syndication...


Creates multiple search engine references to your central hub content

Increases your rankings in the search engines

Gives you at least 200% more visibility in the search engines

Leads more people to join your syndication network

Causes more and more people to link to your content (backlinks)

Causes your content to be picked up and syndicated across many other networks besides the one you are directly involved.

All of this leads to your central hub content which then leads people into your sales funnel. This is The Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine working to give you more and more and more exposure. This, of course, leads to more traffic, action, opt-ins, leads and sales.

As you recall, your sales funnel automates the sales process, now your content syndication network will automate the process of distributing your good content across the web.

This is one of the 2 major chores in growing your online business. Remember, chore #1 is creating good content for your central hub and chore #2 is building your content syndication network.

What makes up a content syndication network?

Your content syndication network will be made up of people who share a common interest in sharing good content with other people. You share for them, they share for you. The goal is to find these people (which is easy to do) and then network with them to create your own syndication network. Each time you add another person to your network, you've just made it stronger and made the entire Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine (PITM) more powerful.

Your PITM is made more powerful by the measure of "the reach" that your syndication partners have within the network. For example, if your new partner has the ability to give your content 50 Diggs (as an example) just by mentioning it (to their network) then they are worth your time to pursue.

In order to appeal to the power users (of a social network), you will have to become a power user yourself. The only reason the power users will network with you is so that you can syndicate their content. This is basic human nature, its not good or bad, it's just the way it is. In order to appeal to that human nature you have to do favors. You have to do a ton of favors (submitting other people's content) before you even ask anyone to join your network. This gets your ratios right.

Nobody wants to network with people that don't do any favors. Other users can see how many favors you have done. In most cases, your ratio is the first thing that people look at when deciding whether or not to join your network. Your ratio basically boils down to how many favors you have done for other people. In the private membership we dig much deeper into this. In this short lesson series we don't have time to dig much deeper so you should do more research on this on your own by beginning to play around with networks like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious to see how they work and how you can build your popularity within them.

In the next lesson you will learn how to easily build your Content Syndication Network using a simple formula. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is hard. Once you learn it, it's just a matter of executing a set list of actions that always reap returns.

LESSON 5: Popularity Principles

The same popularity principles apply to any network...

In the beginning (to get yourself primed) you will have to do a ton of favors for other people (in your social networks) in order to gain their trust and respect. This will attract the power users to your syndication network. This is a simple numbers game and it works flawlessly (but you have to do it). We follow a simple method called the O.G.R.E.S. method to build our syndication networks.

Watch this video for an explanation of O.G.R.E.S. and the "raw power" of content syndication and why you need to be building your own content syndication network:

The process of building is easy (as you'll see IF you take action). It is this building of your syndication network that causes your Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine (PITM) to get more and more powerful and gain more and more momentum. The work you do today has residual effects. This is a true asset that you can place a real dollar value on.

Most people don't take the time to build a syndication network. The reason is simple, they either think it is too time consuming or they are not aware of the need for it. The effectiveness of content syndication has grown exponentially in the past 2 years. Learn this simple skill (by doing) and you will find that this is the only method that gives you complete marketing control of your business.

In the past we have been left at the mercy of search engine rankings or we had to buy traffic in order to see results. Today all we have to do is build a content syndication network to take care of search engine visibility (SEO) and the growth of our business through social buzz. This has never been possible in years past.

The big question is... Is there an easier way to build my content syndication network?

Synnd - The Content Syndication Network

Synnd is a pre-built content syndication network where we have already gathered people together who share a common interest in sharing good content so that it gets noticed by the right people so it can be syndicated even further.

The secret to the viral spread of any content is "getting it noticed". If it never gets noticed then it doesn't matter how good your content is... It's not going anywhere and will not get much attention. Synnd solves this problem.

The biggest pain in building and running your Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine (PITM) is fostering and building two-way relationships with people that will build social buzz surrounding your content. As you have learned, the more "socially popular" your content becomes, the more visibility it will have not only in the search engines but everywhere else as well.

Synnd removes the relationship building process. Everyone in the Synnd network has a common mission to syndicate content for others and to have their content syndicated in return. Synnd effectively eliminates the need to manually build your content syndication network.

By joining our private membership you will have access to the Synnd network at no additional charge.

Here is a brief video showing how simple the Synnd network is and what it will achieve for your business:

The most power in marketing always exists in the simplest solutions. We understand that your main business is not marketing. With our help and the help of the Synnd network you can focus more on your core business without worrying so much about marketing it.


In the past 5 lessons we have covered an incredible amount of information that (if applied) will make a significant impact on your business. We know this with utmost confidence because we have used these techniques for years, our clients use these techniques and our students use these techniques.

The significant thing about the techniques taught here is the fact that not only are they tested and proven but they are evergreen. In other words, these techniques focus on elements of Internet marketing that do not change and will not change. They are based on core human values and technologies derived from those values.

Once you build your own Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine, it will continue to work for years to come. No re-investment of time or "re-building" required. We take comfort in this and you should too. Once you core is built then you can focus on refining your core and making it more and more efficient but the foundational principles will remain constant.

Back to the evidence:

As you may recall from the PDF report, "The Syndication Revelation" we covered two examples of what happens as a result of implementing the lessons you have been taught here:

As you have learned, traffic is just one part of the equation, you also have to develop and fine tune your sales funnel process in order to convert your traffic into sales. You have also learned that the "core element" of building exponentially increasing amounts of traffic is to build yourself a content syndication network.

There are many different ways to build a content syndication network. As you progress you will also find that good content is the driver of the engine. You also learned that the judge of good content is your target audience. Create educational, enlightening or entertaining content for your target audience and they will propel your content from person to person, place to place... This will never change.

Your goal is to create a syndication network so that all of your good content gets noticed so this it has "a fighting chance" to get massively syndicated (go viral). You have learned that the biggest pain in Internet marketing is getting your content noticed consistently so that all of your work gets the attention that it deserves.

How long does it take to see results?

This all depends on how fast you take action. You can build your central hub in a matter of minutes and be ready to post content. You also have to build your sales funnel process which can be done in a single afternoon (or sooner). Your content syndication network is something that you will continuously build but you can also get that started right away.

In short, how long this takes is up to you. Looking at the charts above you can see that significant results can be achieved in a very short amount of time. The ultimate answer to this question rests with you and your desire to take action on what you have learned.

These results seem sensational, what can the average person expect to see?

The Internet is full of garbage information that would have you believe there is a secret or a magic button. Being inundated from every direction by Internet marketers selling Internet marketing information can easily lead you into a false sensation of feeling like the secret must be complex or just out of reach.

In truth, all you have to do is start a blog, post to it and you will begin seeing traffic without even building a syndication network. There is no "guru" that will tell you this because it is too easy and they won't make any money selling you information.

Just start a blog centered around an affiliate product, your product or anything and you WILL begin getting traffic. Does this sound too easy?

Here's a junk blog that we threw up in 10 minutes on violin lessons (selling an affiliate product). This 10 minute investment in time continues to pay dividends almost a year later.

See it here: Easy Violin Lessons

This blog is not a Wordpress blog, it is what we consider to be a junk blog. The only reason we show it to you here is to show you the potential. Action is all that is required to see results. Quit reading a bunch of stuff and start acting on a bunch of stuff. This junk blog has made us over $500 so far for a 10 minute investment. Multiply that over a number of years and imagine the possibilities if you actually do things the way you have learned in these lessons.

Watch the following video for a summary of what has been learned so far and the power of what we call "The Syndication Revelation":

In the next lesson we will go through our private membership platform to show you the community we have built and the high level, step-by-step instruction you can expect to receive.

LESSON 7: SEO20/20 Private Membership
In this lesson we will cover the SEO20/20 Private Membership where we are currently teaching hundreds of students how to build their own Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine.
Based on the past 6 lessons you may be thinking that this is really advanced stuff that only experts could ever hope to apply. Nothing could be further from the truth!
It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, anyone can set up a Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine. As you have learned in the previous lessons there are really only 2 things that need to be in place before you can start priming the machine:
1. Host your central hub (blog) on your own server - get it all set up
2. Plug in your sales funnel (set up your opt-in form, join an affiliate network, etc.)
In the SEO20/20 Private Membership we will walk you though every step with text and video in a classroom like setting. You'll be able to ask questions and request personal help getting set up. Nobody is left behind in this self-paced system. Work in your spare time or full time as you see fit.
Our success depends on your being able to implement The Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine so our job is to make sure you "implement" and "take action". Your job is to simply follow some easy step-by-step instructions.
Once your machine is built then you will have an asset that will continue to compound and grow day after day, week after week, year after year. Don't take the information we have shared lightly, this is top level information that will make a significant impact on your business, whatever it is.
Our job is to show you how to gain massive exposure for your business by working the most simple system we have ever found. Watch the following video for a summary of what you will learn in the membership:
Watch this video to get a preview of how the membership site is laid out:

Andai Aku Jadi Presiden

Kampanye untuk memilih anggota Legislatif resmi telah dimulai. Tak ada yang terkejut, yang ramai malah kampanye tak resmi memilih presiden.

Anomali ini terjadi lantaran absennya kepemimpinan. Rakyat yang kayak anak ayam kehilangan induk ingin segera punya pemimpin baru.

Minat terhadap partai menurun dratis. Banyak yang mencibir jumlah partai kelewat banyak meski pada Pemilu 1955 jumlah itu lebih dari dua kali lipat. Oleh sebab itu, figure lebih berpengaruh ketimbang partai. Jajak-jajak pendapat membuktikan figur-figur yang populer menjadi calon presiden adalah wajah-wajah lama lagi.

Mereka yang resmi mencalonkan diri adalah Mbak Mega, Bang Yos, Gus Dur, dan Yusril Ihza Mahendra. Ini strategi tepat karena democracy waits for no one.

Wajah-wajah lama lain yang berpotensi masih “menari poco-poco”. Tiba-tiba muncul sejumlah wajah baru dari kalangan nonpartai.

Ada yang membuat blunder menghardik capres-capres tua menyingkir saja. Ini “demokrasi portal” yang serba melarang.

Ada yang bersikap rumongso gede, gede rumongso. Ada pula yang ingin serius memimpin.

UUD 1945 mengatakan, capres harus diajukan partai, tak bisa lain. Tercuat harapan ada partai berminat mengusung mereka.

Sasaran lainnya mungkin uji coba untuk tahun 2014. Atau bisa juga mematok target tertinggi sebagai capres. Kalau gagal, ya jadi cawapres. Jika masih tak kesampaian, ya cukup jadi menteri saja.

Itulah politik yang urusannya who get what, when, how. Kini saatnya merebut kekuasaan secara legal dengan cara modern.

Negara seperti Amerika Serikat dan Rusia menjadi model. Ada harapan “factor Obama” dimanfaatkan sebagai referensi diterapkan di sini.

Obama produk jadi yang siap dipasarkan. Pada hari kamis (24/7) di Berlin, Jerman, ia menyedot sekitar 200.000 orang untuk mendengarkan pidatonya.

Sayang tak ada Obama versi Indonesia. Ikon seperti Obama atau Diego Maradona lahir hanya sekali dalam 1000 tahun.

Ada pula yang menyedot Presiden Rusia Dmitry Medvedev model pemimpin muda yang ideal karena baru 40 tahun. Padahal, ia boneka Vladimir Putin. Sekali lagi, usia pengalaman lebih menentukan kepemimpinan dari pada umur. Silakan pilih mana yang lebih dipercaya dalam politik: life begins at 40 or 50 ?

Calon-calon alternative mencuri perhatian karena kebetulan pasar politik tumbuh merekah. Siapa pun berpeluang terkenal sampai ke pelosok Tanah Air asal berkocek tebal.

Di AS jadi orang kaya dulu baru menjadi presiden. Di sini jadi presiden dulu untuk jadi orang kaya.

Politik memang tak bisa dipisahkan dengan uang –bedakan dengan “politik uang”. Obama misalnya, butuh hampir 1 juta dollar AS untuk iklan pendek di televisi. Dana kampanye Pilpres 2008 di AS mencetak rekor baru 1 milliar dollar AS. Tarif iklan sehalaman penuh di Koran-koran negeri ini mencapai angka ratusan juta rupiah sekali muat.

Untung relatif mudah masuk berita koran atau “kotak ajaib” jika anda doktor yang masih fresh, bisa melucu, berwajah ganteng, seksi, atau ahli sinetron. Media massa ibarat kawah candradimuka untuk menjadi capres. Itu sebabnya, sukar membedakan komentator politik dengan politisi. Ia sama dengan komentator sepak bola yang biasanya tak bisa menyepak si kulit bundar.

Komedian menjadi anggota DPR, sebaliknya tak sedikit anggota DPR yang lucu tanpa perlu melawak. Bintang sinetron merasa mampu mengabdi walau enggak ngerti politik adalah pengabdian.

Banyak capres beralih ke “galaksi internet” yang gratis.Bukan hanya Obama, band pop raksasa, seperti Radiohead atau coldpaly, juga memanfaatkan internet untuk memasarkan diri dan produk masing-masing.

Pengguna internet di Barat per tahun 2008 lebih dari separuh jumlah populasi-AS : 71,9 persen, Inggris : 64,2 persen, Perancis : 54,4 persen, dan Jerman : 53,5 persen. Di sini hanya 8,5 persen.

Nah, inkompabilitas politik itu menciptakan kultur “seolah-olah”. Obama seolah-olah orang Indonesia, padahal cuma pernah tinggal sebentar di Jakarta.

Medvedev seolah-olah bukan boneka, padahal ia disetir Putin. Gelar Doktor seolah-olah akhir kehidupan, padahal baru awal kehidupan, padahal baru awal perjuangan.

Film dan sinetron seolah-olah versi asli kehidupan, padahal palsu. “kotak ajaib” seolah-olah sumber ilmu, padahal tak mendidik.

Rakyat seolah-olah 24 jam berselancar di internet, padahal listrik mati melulu. Jadi presiden seolah-olah gampang, padahal susahnya setengah edan.

Hanya satu takkan seolah-olah: kita mau dibawa kemana sih ? Saya ngeri bahkan hanya sekedar membayangkannya. Izinkan saya bertanya kepada mereka yang seolah-olah mampu jadi presiden : sanggupkah Anda memimpin kami ? Izinkan saya kasih saran : jangan nekat sebelum jadi bahan olokan.

Kultur seolah-olah menyuburkan manusia yang gemar berandai-andai. Saya ingat lagu Cuma Khayalan karya Oppie Andaresta yang berandai-andai jadi orang kaya.

Maaf Oppie, liriknya saya ubah. Pengen punya istana mewah/lengkap dengan jubir, pengawal, dan ajudan pribadi. Kemana-mana pakai sirine ngeong-ngeong/duduk santai sambil karaokean sama kutu kupret/Enggak kepanasan lagi uihh dingin.Pingin punya rumah gedong/lengkap dengan pelayan, perabotan luks plus kolam renang. Mau ini itu tinggal perintah/Hidup serasa di Istana/Trus kalo kepanasan saya ajak teman-teman gue nyebur deh basah/Andai a..a..a..a..aku jadi Presiden.

Menerobos Masa Depan

Seorang tokoh yang mencalonkan diri menjadi presiden menyapa saya dan menanyakan komentar saya mengenai fakta bahwa ia mencalonkan diri sebagai presiden. Saya betul-betul membutuhkan waktu untuk mencerna apa dan bagaimana criteria seorang Presiden, sampai saya akhirnya berkomentar menyatakan kekaguman saya pada keberanian dan kesiapannya. Ia tentunya sudah merencanakan terobosan-terobosan, inovasi dan solusi bagi keadaan negara yang sangat kompleks dan besar ini.

Kita sadari bersama bahwa selain krisis energi di tengah kekayaan sumber daya yang belum termanfaatkan seperti air, angina, laut, kita sudah menghadapi masalah-masalah seperti emisi karbon yang harus distop, sementara konsumsi mobil meningkat terus. Biaya pengobatan pun kini sudah tidak terkendalikan mahalnya dan tidak bisa ditanggung oleh kebanyakan orang lagi.

Masalah kemiskinan yang diduga sudah mencapai titik nadir, tetapi tetap anjlok lebih dalam dan lebih dalam lagi. Belum lagi bicara terorisme yang selain membunuh orang juga mematikan bisnis dan kesejahteraan rakyat, seperti kejadian di Bali. Pe-er para pemimpin tentunya tidak berpolitik saja, tetapi juga melakukan hal-hal “back to basic”, program-program “fusion”, atau bahkan membuat “quantum leap”, banting stir, tidak sekedar mereplikasi upaya yang ada tanpa perbaikan, sementara juga membuat proses yang ada berjalan lancer tanpa hambatan. Mungkin tepatnya pemimpin perlu punya kompetensi super istimewa, seperti memperbaiki mobil dalam keadaan sedang berjalan.

Generasi yang Menggerakkan Masa Depan

Bicara masa depan, tentulah tidak bisa dihindari, mata kita tertuju pula pada generasi yang baru. Berkat jasa para pendahulu, kita sekarang berada pada generasi yang lebih berfasilitas dan lebih berpendidikan dari sebelumnya. Perubahan kilat dan daya tahan untuk menghadapi kompleksitas hidup pun sudah meningkat. Kita sudah punya akses ke informasi apapun dan juga terkoneksi ke mana pun.

Ada yang mengatakan bahwa generasi sekarang sudah tidak setangguh generasi dulu. Generasi sekarang tinggal menikmati apa yang sudah dilandaskan oleh generasi pendahulu. Padahal kita mengenal ‘Gen Y’, anak muda sekarang, jauh lebih krearif, inventif, tahu bagaimana menikmati dunia dan kebebasan. Kreativitas, inovasi serta pikiran bebas sudah menyebabkan generasi baru sudah “beda” dengan generasi lalu. Tanpa terasa “alih generasi” sudah terjadi. Karakteristik ini tentunya menjadi kekuatan untuk menanggulangi abad ke-21 yang sudah di depan mata. Sekaranglah saat-saat perpindahan tongkat estafet, di mana semua hasil karya pendahulu bisa kita nikmati dan perlu diteruskan dengan upaya yang lebih keras, kreatif dan ‘beda”. Kalau tidak kita akan terjebak di dalam vakumnya kepemimpinan dan bingung antara mengikuti spektrum lama dan sibuk melakukan penyanggahan, komplen, meratapi keterbatasan dan berontak. Kitalah yang perlu membawa lingkungan untuk menanggapi tantangan abad selanjutnya, menemui kesejahteraan bentuk baru. Dengan adanya darah baru kita sebetulnya bisa berharap akan langkah-langkah yang segar, positif, penuh inspirasi sehingga kekuatan intelektual dan social yang berasal dari generasi muda menjadi motor penggerak bangsa.

Kita pun bisa dengan mindset “out of the box” mengembangkan “inside the box” kita. Sebagai inspirasi, kita bisa tengok Thailand, yang area istananya dipenuhi dengan laboratorium-laboratorium yang menjadikan kita dapat menikmati durian munthong secara murah meriah, menikmati beras impor Thailand, bahkan mengimpor iklan karena profesionalisme pembuatan iklan yang diriset dari Istana. Negara tetangga kita yang lain, Malaysia, yang meskipun garis pantainya begitu pendek, sedang gencarnya mengembangkan marine agriculture atau inshore aquaculture. Mengapa kita yang punya garis pantai kedua terpanjang di dunia, luput mengembangkannya ?

Menyambut Tantangan dengan Tindakan

Presentasi para manajer di perusahaan baik di dalam rapat kerja atau analisa penjualan atau bisnis yang kerap menggambarkan kekuatan dan kesempatan di satu sisi, ancaman dan kelemahan di sisi lain, atau SWOT, sering menjebak kita semua untuk berkubang dan memelototi kelemahan diri dan tidak berusaha keluar dari sumur kubangan tersebut. Pendekatan “positive psychology” menganjurkan agar kita hanya menggunakan analisa ancaman dan kelemahan sebagai langkah awal. Kemudian, ‘sejarah’ itu kita simpan baik-baik di belakang untuk berfokus pada S-O-A-R (Strength, Opportunity, Action, Result), yaitu masa depan, action dan hasil. Pendekatan seperti ini akan membawa kita dari intelektualisme menuju aktivisme, berorientasi pada gerak sehingga membawa aura “dinamisme”. Kreativitas pun akan dimanfaatkan betul-betul untuk menyambut tantangan. Konsentrasi pada action dan result ini juga lebih cocok untuk generasi sekarang yang cenderung lebih instant dan ingin “menyaksikan hasil” dengan cepat.

Keaktifan Menerobos akan Membawa Hawa Baru

Greget untuk menuju pada kemajuan, baik ekonomi, social, pendidikan, kesehatan, lingkungan ataupun kualitas hidup lainnya, dalam kondisi “constant change” dan kompetisi, tidak-bisa-tidak tetap perlu dibawa ke depan. Untuk itulah pemimpin butuh visi, strategi dan komitmen yang super kuat. Kesenjangan yang sedang digarap bukanlah sekedar kesenjangan antara masa sekarang dan masa depan, tetapi juga kesenjangan antara masa depan dan komitmen pemimpinnya, antara tindakan yang sudah dibuat dengan keadaan “turbulence” selanjutnya, yang disebut seorang ahli sebagai “Energetic Gap”, yaitu kekuatan energetic yang menembus terciptanya suatu program yang mantap dan antisipatif dari sesuatu yang, tidak usah selalu baru dan banyak ongkos, tetapi belum pernah terpikirkan.

Gaya pemimpin yang berorientasi paternalistik dan berangan-angan menjadi panutan bagi anak buah rasanya sudah kurang cocok dalam situasi sekarang di mana stakeholder, anak buah, pelanggan sudah ‘sama pandainya’ dengan para pemimpin. Satu-satunya jalan yang dimiliki pemimpin untuk menggerakkan dan mencatat sukses adalah dengan mengajak, mencontohkan kegiatan belajarnya, dan mengakui ketidakbisaannya dengan jujur dan transparan.”Learning” buat para pemimpin perlu menjadi nafas dinamikanya, di mana perlu didorong “blur the line” antara learning dan kerja. Pemimpin yang baru perlu tahu memanfaatkan kompetensi teknis baru pada proses-proses yang berjalan sekarang dan dengan serius mengembangkannya baik di dalam laboratorium maupun dalam diskusi-diskusi sehingga hasil olahan tersebut menelorkan program-program pembenahan, campuran atau yang sama sekali baru. Pemimpin pun perlu sangat transparan akan sasaran dan harapanya, karena hanya dengan pemahaman yang kuat dari para pengikutlah energi yang dibutuhkan untuk bergerak bisa menyala dan tumbuh.

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